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Carrollton Young Life is a non-profit organization and as such depends on the support of individuals like you to help accomplish our mission. Your support will help us reach more local teens with the love and message of Jesus Christ. Your help will bring new hope to hurting and lost teenagers, and in turn bring new life to our community. 


Volunteering with Young Life is a very rewarding experience. Perhaps you have been involved as a student and want to stay involved to give back. Or maybe you don't have any previous exposure to YL but want to spend some of your spare time investing where it will make a difference. Whatever your interest may be, we would love for you to get involved with Carrollton Young Life. 

College Students - Young Professionals - Singles - Married Couples - Parents - Empty Nesters - Retirees
It doesn't matter if you're young or "experienced", quirky or cool, if you have faith in Jesus Christ, and a desire to give of your time and talents so that more young people get to hear about and experience God's love, then you could make a great volunteer.
Some roles take more time than others, and like most everything in life "you get out of it, what you put in." Don't let self-doubt, excuses, or busyness get in the way of you getting involved. God wants to use people like you to make a difference, and change lives forever. Whether you wish to work directly with teenagers, or help support the teams that do, we always have need for enthusiastic and committed volunteers. Pray about what God might be calling you to do right now, and look into the ways you can get involved with Young Life by exploring the links below.


If you have a desire to directly help high school or middle school aged kids, teen moms or kids with disabilities, there is a place for you. Leaders take the time to go where kids are, begin friendships, and earn the right to share the greatest news anyone could hear. Leaders also help run Club, go to Camp, and lead Campaigners with their high school or middle school friends.
- Committee - 
Our Committee is made up of caring adults that help steer and support the local outreach programs and our staff & leaders. These folks have great passion for Christ and for kids to know Him. This position may not be quite as time consuming as being a leader, but it is every bit as important to the success of our organization. 
- Team YL - 
This is a network of adults and students, church groups and community organizations that come together to support the local programs in very tangible but less time consuming ways. 
- Donate - 
The truth is that it takes money to do ministry. Each Young Life area is completely supported from within their respective communities. We do our best to keep down expenses, and make sure as much of our support goes directly to ministry as possible. Please consider financially supporting Carrollton Young Life with a monthly donation or annual gift.


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Phone: (469) 693-2089

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